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“Screening for Prostate Cancer — A Must”





Greater Memphis, we at Always Giving Back – AGB Memphis, Inc. are adding a new FREE seminar to our services. This one is essential for men. It is entitled, “Screening for Prostate Cancer — A Must”.  Schedule it by e-mailing or call (901) 249-9920. We will come to your location or if you do not have a venue, we will arrange for one. We require minimum of 10 attendees to make it happen.


Prostate_Cancer_WW_SEQ_03_1238-img_1280x720 prostate_screening_750 ProstateExam

What Are the Types of Operating Costs for AGBMEM, INC.?


Fixed Expenses

The term “fixed expenses” refers to those payments that are continuous each month. These figures do not necessarily change month-to-month. Rent, bills, utilities, Internet and telephone bills are all fixed expenses. These expenses are the most common operating costs, as a nonprofit organization may not be able to perform general services, programs or tasks without these readily available.

Flexible Expenses

Flexible expenses change each month but play a role in the general operations of a nonprofit. Flexible expenses include vehicle maintenance  and traveling fees when attending conferences out of town, defraying volunteer worker personal costs that help with the office, or programs and costs associated with hosting events and fundraisers. While one month may not have any flexible expenses, other months may exceed the fixed expenses to operate and promote the nonprofit organization.

Volunteer Workers

Some nonprofit organization hire employees to keep the organization operating smoothly.  Always Giving Back – AGB Memphis, Inc. is not yet currently financially prosperous enough to hire any employees.  All of our positions are NON-PAID volunteers, which include a board of executive members, a CEO, office volunteers, and representatives.

*** Service Costs ***

These include donations of clothing or conducting FREE to the public training seminars, for example. These programs cost money to operate and will vary depending on the size and scope. These programs cost money to operate and will vary depending on the size and scope.

 *** Donations ***

Cash donations that we receive ensure we continue to operate and be a blessing to ALL we serve.  Your donation counts and will be FULLY utilized for the purposes intended.